GRANEX®, the patented High Efficiency Regenerative Supercritical Cycle (RGSC) technology pioneered by Granite Power and our technology partners, is safe, reliable and low risk.

GRANEX® has its origins in the Organic Rankine Cycle process of converting low to medium waste heat into electricity however we have taken it to a completely new level whereby we can produce 40% more power from the same energy source compared to conventional ORC. This enables end users to boost their electricity supply without increasing fuel usage, or to achieve a constant level of supply while using less fuel. Analogous benefits apply to other surplus or waste heat opportunities.

In most cases we simply connect to the existing infrastructure and extract its waste heat which is then converted by Granite Power into low cost zero emission electricity. Our technology is compatible with almost all types of equipment and heat sources (from conventional diesel or gas powered generators to flue gas from smelters to a hybrid combination with of solar thermal energy).

Granite Power takes responsibility for the complete end-to-end solution including design, development, installation and commissioning and operation. The delivery/re-commissioning phase is targeted for completion in just 48 hours and the GRANEX® unit is able to be connected while the generators are operating. With a genset site there isn’t any interruption to the power supply as we work in sequence with the multiple gensets.

Being a sealed automated system, GRANEX® run its requires minimal maintenance and servicing. We include ongoing support as part of our Power Purchase Agreement.


  • Utilises tried and tested industry equipment including turbo expanders, generators, heat exchangers and feed pumps
  • Automated equipment
  • Ultra low maintenance requirement
  • Nil or limited attendance operator requirements
  • Can be expanded to meet the growing needs of the customer in the future
  • Sealed system
  • Latest technology available – magnetic bearings, high speed generators, avoidance of gearboxes
  • Compact foot print
  • Designed to meet the harsh environment of the Australian Outback and other (overseas) remote locations