Granite to export renewable and sustainable energy solutions to Samoan Electric Power Company (EPC)

Granite Power Limited (through its wholly owned subsidiary Granite Power Samoa Pty Ltd.) today announced that it has entered into a long-term Purchase Power Agreement (PPA) with The Samoan Electric Power Corporation (EPC) for the installation and management of the world’s best recycling technology for the generation of renewable and sustainable energy. Granite Power Limited (Granite Power) is an Australian power technology company delivering renewable and sustainable electricity generation solutions, principally to remote and off grid locations. It achieves this electricity generation through a technologically advanced and efficient recycling system that harnesses low temperature (50 – 400 Deg. C) waste heat from existing power platforms and through advanced solar and geothermal harvesting. Granite Power’s innovative technology known as “GRANEX® was designed and built in Australia in partnership with University of Newcastle and has global patent protection. This advanced technology also enables Granite Power’s clients to substantially reduce exhaust emissions per mega-watt hour which is good news for the environment. Granite Power is proud to be an 100% Australian company that is delivering locally developed best practise technology to the world. Granite Power’s sustainable systems can also be utilised on home soil by large scale remote industries and businesses such as mining, leisure/tourism and military where power generation is based on diesel, solar or geothermal. In commenting on the Samoan EPC alignment, Mr. Stephen de Belle, CEO of Granite Power Limited stated that “Remote and off grid entities are continually looking at methodologies to improve their carbon profile through renewable and sustainable energy production. But as always, continuity of power supply to meet their domestic and commercial needs is paramount....

A new solution to the energy crisis – 2gb radio interview

Chris Smith from 2gb Radio interviews Steve Lowe from Granite Power, about waste to energy technology and its applications in Australia. Chris and Steve explore energy efficiency particularly in remote Australian mine sites, and discuss the newly signed Samoan project.