Extensive experience at Granite Power

The Granite Power team have worked in the energy industry for several decades and throughout this time have engaged in landmark projects with iconic global and Australian companies such as Babcock, ALSTOM and AE&E. The experience they gained from these and other projects has today been invested into development of our low cost zero emission waste heat to energy technology, providing energy solutions across the world, and research into future innovation. Some of these projects included 3 metallurgical furnaces providing 12.5 MWe of electricity to the BHP Temco Bell Bay site in Tasmania, a gas/oil fired boiler for a 60 MWe steam turbine plant at Alcoa’s Wagerup site in Western Australia and waste gas thermal oxidisers, heat recovery boiler plants, a standby thermal oxidiser and independently died super heater for the TiWest Kwinana site also in WA. ALSTOM projects featured a 76 MWe power plant utilising steam turbines and gas fired boilers for Murrin Murrin Nickel, a HRSG producing steam for an 80 MWe turbine at the Cockburn 1 plant and for Bluescope Steel Port Kembla a blast furnace gas (BFG) and economiser. AE&E projects for Western Australian sites Ravensthorpe Nickel, Sino Iron (CITIC Pacific) and Worsley Alumina included gas-oil fired boilers for 18 MWe turbines, 150 MWe CCGT blocks and 57 MWe circulating fluid bed boilers.

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