GRANEX® receives “Statement of Endorsement” from Lloyds Register

The Technical Qualification Plan for GRANEX®, submitted by Granite Power Limited has been reviewed in the fields of Electrical, Instrument and Mechanical systems and found to meet the requirements of Lloyds Register Guidance notes for Technology Qualification, and has received a Statement of Endorsement.

This is the second of three steps Granite Power Limited has undertaken in the process of obtaining a comprehensive approval known as “Lloyds Register Technology Qualification”.


What is “Lloyds Register Technology Qualification”?

Lloyds Register verifies that novel technologies will function within specific limits and with an acceptable level of confidence.

Once completed this Technology Qualification will provide a robust methodology and systematic process that provides evidence that GRANEX will function as specified and with an acceptable level of confidence, prior to deployment.

The Technology Qualification is a goal based approach to risk that can be applied to any technology, ranging from the unconventional LNG offloading arrangements to the integration of marinised gas turbines into topside process plants, as well as aerial vehicles and various renewable technologies.

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Lloyds Register Technology Qualification

170307 LR Statement of Endorsement – GRANEX system 06 Mar 2017

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