Granex supplying east coast grid

AUSGRID approved the connection of our GRANEX®solar thermal demonstration unit to the East Coast grid in late 2013. It features hybrid waste and solar heat generation – the solar thermal heat coming from an adjacent solar array. The ~35 kWe unit – installed at Wallsend in Newcastle – includes waste heat simulation (powered by a gas burner) to show waste heat being recycled as electricity.  Thermal storage ensures a constant energy flow during day time intermittencies (cloud) and evening periods. At its core is a G30 turbo-generator which operates at pressure of about 60 bar with waste heat moving at more than Mach 1.7 through the front nozzle and spinning the turbine blades at 70,000RPM. GRANEX®-generated electricity costs significantly less than that of genset power and it has zero emissions thus adding to the supply of ‘green’power in the grid. The unit also provides thermal heating for a neighbouring Olympic size swimming pool. For an inspection of the Wallsend GRANEX®  demonstration unit contact Granite Power.

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