Energy consumers located off the main grid or at the outer limits of a grid may experience challenges including fluctuations in electricity voltage, the risk of total power loss and the handling of demand surges when major items of equipment are activated/turned on.

Remotely located industries such as mining, minerals processing, petrochemical, food manufacturing, wood pulp and paper which rely on energy supplied by diesel or gas powered generators often experience a high cost for electricity and challenges such as interrupted supply. These sites generally have worthwhile amounts of waste heat which can be recycled as low cost electricity using our patented GRANEX®technology. The system features a modular design which is shipped in 20 or 40 foot container frames to its site. GRANEX®has a minimum foot print using a compact high speed generator and compact plate heat exchangers which is a major advantage where space is precious such as on off-shore platforms. The resultant boost in electricity supply ensures adequate supply for peak demand cycles and the expansion of operations.