The factor which has the greatest impact on a naval vessel - from an Air Warfare Destroyer to a frigate to a cargo boat - is its ability to remain at sea.

Despite gains in diesel engine and gas turbine technology there is a limit to how long a vessel can remain at sea before refueling. Energy modelling by the Granite Power consulting team – which includes a former Royal Australian Navy engineer and ANZAC fleet manager – confirms that our technology enables vessels to extend their range by over 10%; ships operating with gas turbines can have their range extended by 30%. Unlike existing steam Rankine heat recovery plants fitted to some ships, GRANEX is significantly more compact and lighter making it a very real solution to be retrofitted to ships, especially military vessels that have limited space available.  This compact advantage is a result of operating as a supercritical organic Rankine cycle, which also produces more electricity from the same exhaust heat source.  GRANEX is installed to collect the heat from the ship’s propulsion exhaust engines and  produces electricity which is enough to entirely off-set the diesel generators on board. This fuel saved can be used to increase range or save on fuel operating costs and reduce emissions. Installation of GRANEX can be completed on a vessel alongside in a scheduled maintenance period.