About Granite Power

Granite Power™ Limited is an energy efficiency company

We have developed a world-leading patented heat conversion technology which delivers low-cost low carbon emission energy.

Granite Power has drawn on its experience and knowledge working in the heat recovery and power generation industry in Australia and internationally. We have a comprehensive understanding of the challenges faced by energy users and the power generation sector including, community pressures for industry to reduce its carbon footprint, emerging remote energy requirements and challenges in developing economies and the fundamental global carbon market policies.

In collaboration with our technical partners, Granite Power invested years of research into the development of GRANEX®. We re-engineered the Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) process, which has been relied upon for over half a century around the world, and our enhanced 21st Century technology far surpasses it by generating up to 40% more power from the same energy source.

GRANEX® is a well proven, reliable and low risk producer of a stable supply of clean energy to the energy user.

We offer the flexibility to supply power to customers on a utility model Build, Own and Operate basis.

GRANEX equipment is suited to both existing and green field sites.

By utilising surplus or waste heat, Granite Power successfully off sets the high cost of diesel and gas generated power which has a significant impact on remotely located and off the grid users – such as mine sites, petrochemical plants, isolated townships and island communities. 

Our Technology

GRANEX® , also known as the Regenerative Supercritical Cycle (RGSC), is a high efficiency, exclusive, globally patented enhancement by Granite Power of a technology which has been providing power to industry for over 100 years. It is the result of extensive research and development by our engineers in collaboration with the University of Newcastle, with assistance from a Federal Government REDI grant.

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Technology Partners

The development of our breakthrough patented GRANEX® technology is the result of years of collaborative research and development by a select team of technology partners renowned for their vision, innovation and power industry track record. Together, we have developed world-first technology which is sought after by remote and off the grid industry and population centres across the globe.

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