Widespread interest in Granex® energy solution

Industries as varied as a sugar mill, cement kiln and iron ore mine have requested that Granite Power conduct feasibility studies demonstrating the benefits of our exclusive GRANEX® waste heat to power (WHP) technology. To date these projects have included attaching GRANEX®to a sugar mill boiler flue (~600 KWe net plant), process boilers (~200 KWe net plant), mine site generator sets  (~1000 KWe net plant), bauxite mine gen sets (~1040 KWe net plant), sewage gas gen set (~300 KWe net plant), copper mine gen sets (~850 KWe net plant), oil shale refinery (8 x GRANEX®units from 1 – 3 MWe), a silicon smelter (~3.0 MWe + 1.5 MWe net plants), chemical plant (~600 KWe net plant), zirconia furnace (~580 KWe net plant), cement kiln (~5.4 MWe net plant), iron ore mine gen sets (1.5 MWe net plant), steel mill smelters (1.5 MWe net plant), steel mill furnaces (~350 KWe net plant), a landfill gas gen set  (~250 KWe net plant) and landfill gas flare exhaust (~850 KWe net plant).

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